What Are Indispensable Content Writing Tools?

What Are Indispensable Content Writing Tools?

In the quest for the perfect writing companion, we've gathered insights from seasoned Writers and Senior Editors to reveal their secret weapons. From leveraging Google Docs for its easy formatting to embracing traditional notebooks for a creative edge, here are five indispensable tools and resources that have transformed the writing processes of these professionals.

  • Leverage Google Docs for Easy Formatting
  • Grammarly for Efficient Editing
  • Extension for Research Efficiency
  • Embrace Traditional Notebooks for Creativity
  • SurferSEO for SEO-Optimized Content

Leverage Google Docs for Easy Formatting

One tool that has been indispensable in my writing process is Google Docs.

Google Docs makes it easy for me to write my articles without having to start adjusting anything when I am about to publish it on my site.

For instance, after writing an article, it is easy to do all the formatting—the headings, subheadings, bullets, and more.

All I have to do is copy and paste it to WordPress or share it with my client for any adjustments.

Maryam Awodele
Maryam AwodeleWriter, Eduvocab

Grammarly for Efficient Editing

The tool that has made the biggest impact on my writing progress and process is an AI editing tool—Grammarly. It is connected to both my browsers and my formatting software. It has helped cut down on my rewriting time significantly and catches things I have missed. It's not perfect, especially when I'm trying to communicate something out of the ordinary, but it has been a huge help!

Amy Vogel
Amy VogelAuthor, Speaker, Story Coach Extension for Research Efficiency

I love the Google Chrome extension. Writing articles requires a lot of internet research and multiple sources. The extension can summarize the content on a page and pick out the key points. I can also ask it to find certain information for me, which lets me spend less time reading and more time writing.

I find myself using this extension more and more in my preliminary work. It saves me time and ensures I don't gloss over important information that could strengthen my writing.

Alli Hill
Alli HillFounder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

Embrace Traditional Notebooks for Creativity

One tool that's absolutely indispensable in my writing process is a good old-fashioned notebook. Yes, I know it might sound a bit old-school in this digital age, but there's something about putting pen to paper that really gets my creative juices flowing. It's where I jot down ideas, sketch out outlines, and even doodle when I'm brainstorming. Plus, it's handy to have around when I'm away from my computer or just need a break from staring at screens. I find that the act of physically writing helps me connect more deeply with my thoughts and ideas, leading to stronger, more authentic writing in the end.

Gabrielle Yap
Gabrielle YapSenior Editor, Carnivore Style

SurferSEO for SEO-Optimized Content

SurferSEO has been the tool we can't live without in our writing process. Our primary goal in writing is to create high-quality content that satisfies what people are looking for and ensure that we're doing it in a way that can rank on Google. SurferSEO removes all the guesswork when it comes to SEO writing. We simply input the keyword we want to target, and all the suggestions are provided to ensure we are optimized to rank for that keyword.

Munir Alsafi
Munir AlsafiCo-Founder, VixelStudio

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