What Are Examples of Unique Writing Styles that Increase Content Engagement?

What Are Examples of Unique Writing Styles that Increase Content Engagement?

Exploring the impact of unique writing styles on content engagement, we turned to four seasoned professionals, including SEO experts and company leaders, for their firsthand experiences. From a playful tone that boosts SEO and engagement to a conversational style yielding a 50% increase in interaction, discover how these distinct voices have transformed content strategies.

  • Playful Tone Boosts SEO and Engagement
  • Laid-Back Tone Increases Luxury Rental Clicks
  • Peer Voice Enhances Recruiting Firm Engagement
  • Conversational Style Yields 50% More Interaction

Playful Tone Boosts SEO and Engagement

All my writing revolves around an SEO keyword strategy. However, sometimes you'll hit the jackpot with a hot topic. In this instance, the article was about a sub-niche in the influencer marketing industry. The article heavily relied on an easy-to-read tone mixed with detailed research.

Often, data research is highly technical and (to be truthful) boring. Since my target audience was either parents or influencers themselves, I focused on being playful, witty, and also thought-provoking as I made the argument in the article. Instead of being a tired marketing essay, it turned into an engaging article that ranked on the first page of Google for a one-word, difficult keyword with high volume. (It even outranked high-authority competitors.) The client received a lot of organic traffic just from that article—and I'd like to take credit that the SEO paired with an engaging writing style played a big part in that success.

Beth Chernes
Beth ChernesSEO Strategist & Copywriter, Beth Chernes Copy & Strategy

Laid-Back Tone Increases Luxury Rental Clicks

I've had so many experiences where changing the style and tone of content worked wonders for many of our clients.

One of our clients offered luxury vacation rentals, and their writing style for their blogs was a little too formal for the crowd they were aiming for. These blogs are like the '10 Best Things to Do in LA During Your Vacation.'

While the information was useful, it was presented in such a way that deterred readers.

So our content team conducted a thorough competitive analysis and realized a bit of a laid-back tone is crucial. We rewrote about 25 blogs for them, and the results were amazing.

We saw about a 29.2% increase in clicks in the last three months as compared to the previous quarter.

Rahul Vij
Rahul VijCo Founder, WebSpero Solutions

Peer Voice Enhances Recruiting Firm Engagement

Adopting the voice of your audience can work wonders. As the owner of a recruiting firm, much of my marketing content is geared toward students or recent graduates. But my copywriters tend to be professionals with years in the industry. Recently, it occurred to me that this might be inadvertently creating a pandering tone. Young people get so much advice from their elders; peer-to-peer recommendations stand out.

So, I asked my top writer to develop a more casual approach and write as a college student navigating the job market for the first time. Despite these pieces being shorter in length as compared to our typical content, engagement blew past our own personal records, and a careful analysis of click-through rates showed readers often returned for a second or third review.

It was an interesting experiment, and I've taken the results to heart. I now know this is a strategy worth implementing more thoroughly in future content and will be adjusting accordingly.

The lesson, I think, is that shared experiences and even commiseration help build truer connections with the reader.

Rob Reeves
Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

Conversational Style Yields 50% More Interaction

A conversational writing style can make your content more relatable and engaging for the reader, leading to increased reader engagement.

Many people write in a formal or overly technical style, which can make their content hard to read and less engaging. Without a unique and approachable writing style, you risk losing your audience's interest and failing to drive meaningful interaction.

Most writers stick to a formal tone, thinking it is the only way to be credible. However, this often alienates readers. Engaging content doesn't need to be formal; it needs to be relatable and easy to read.

Here's what I did: I adopted a conversational tone in my writing, imagining I was speaking directly to the reader. Instead of listing tips, I shared stories from my own life experience or from one of the successful clients I had, who faced and overcame various business problems. This approach transformed my content, making it more engaging and increasing reader interaction by 50%, with readers commenting and sharing their own experiences.

To make your writing more engaging, start with storytelling and a plot that mirrors common challenges your audience faces. Use simple words and short sentences. Weave your key points into the story, showing rather than telling them, to ensure it delivers your message.

By adopting a conversational writing style, you'll make your content more engaging and relatable. This approach will help you connect with your audience, increase their interest, and boost overall engagement.

Nicholas Robb
Nicholas RobbHead Honcho, Design Hero

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